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Welcome to the ✨Magical✨ Marketplace for seekers of the Sovereign Sanctuary Soulstyle.

What is the ZenDen Online marketplace?

As we move towards the next iteration of the collective consciousness, it is ever more important to remember who we truly are here to be.  The ZenDen online marketplace is a sacred space to share products and services that help to elevate the human consciousness and to do so with a level of integrity that matches that sacred intention.  Check back often to see the new and exciting inspirations that unfold..

"You are the inner peace that you seek" ~Lisa Sadowski

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21 Days of Crystal Heartenings

21 Daily Live Streamed messages of Hope, Liberation, Empowerment and whatever else the crystals bring forth will be streamed daily by Lisa Sadowski LIVE to bring a renewed sense of inner peace and purpose. 


These bridges to Divine are ready to be seen and heard like never before! Join us as we dive Higher, Deeper and Wider into the healing medicine of Crystals.


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Sovereign Sanctuary Bundles
Customizeable sacred space bundles items including crystals, elixirs, essential oils and much more

✨Sovereign Sanctuary Bundles✨

✨They’re finally here✨ The Sovereign Sanctuary Bundle Series has officially begun and are available to order in limited supply.


✨Easy to follow Sovereign Sanctuary sacred space setting guide including unique insights and education on both the Crystal and Sacred oils of the month.

✨All products are cleared, and charged with Selenite Crystal and are Divinely encoded with tones channeled through vocal Alchemist Lisa Sadowski weaving the Highest vibrations of Love, Peace, and Joy into every item.


Customizeable sacred space bundles items including crystals, elixirs, essential oils and much more

✨Sana Myst Sacred Elixirs✨

“Sana, Sana, colita de rana.  Si no sanas hoy, sanaras manana”.

“Heal, heal, tail of the frog.  If you don’t heal today, you will heal tomorrow” 

Loosely translated Mexican-Inspired rhyme


Sana Myst Essence Sprays are sacred Alcohol-free elixirs integrating the technologies of Himalayan Salts, Crystal stones, Alkaline water sound healing and the highest grade of Plant Essences.  Divinely encoded tones channeled through vocal alchemist and songstress, Lisa Sadowski, energetically weave peace, love and oneness into every bottle.

The intention behind these elixirs is to connect souls to their higher self where healing and the seemingly elusive answers to life’s most complex questions lie.

Customizeable sacred space bundles items including crystals, elixirs, essential oils and much more

✨Life's RE-Mission coaching and speaking events✨

Helping survivors get past the fear of recurrence.  


Welcome to your RE-Mission. Your first mission was to survive the old patterns and limiting belief systems that served their purpose of moving you through traumatic and/or life-threatening circumstances. Your RE-Mission is to release those old patterns and paradigms so that the Truth of who you REALLY are can be revealed and fully expressed in order to be a beneficial presence on this planet. Your RE-Mission is to THRIVE!!